The Music

Melissa Ann Maria Pettignano , was born on January 3rd 1988, on one of the coldest days of the year.Melissa started showing signs of musicial talent at the age of two, singing along and dancing to songs like, Connie Francis, The Supremes, and many others. Her family, as much as her self, has a fond love and respect for the Doo Wops , as well as many other artists in the musical world of entertainment.

Her father and her aunt are the Doo Wop group/duo named Rickie and Vickie . Rickie and Vickie came out with Joanie/Why Are You So In Love in the early 1960’s. They were with Angletone Records. For Melissa it wasn’t just Doo Wop Melissa was fond of. Melissa sang and danced along to many other great artists of many different decades.

Melissa’s parents knew she was a true artist in her own right for all the many gifts and blessings she was given by the Grace Of God. Melissa from a very young age knew she was destined for something more, something bigger beyond herself, thanks to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She knew she was destined to be a performer, as well as all the other talents she possessed.

At the age of seven years old Melissa started performing. She would perform in school, at other schools, contests, talents shows,family and of course her #1 place,The Church of the Lord singing Gospel music.In 2003 Melissa won for Outstanding Soloist at the Sixth Flags Grade Adventure Competition. Her school chorus as well won that year.

Melissa has won countless awards for singing, but she is as well an author and won awards in the literary field.After her completing her tenth grade year of high school, she knew it was time to pursue her careers all the way. After discussing with her family, she was home-schooled for the last two years of her high school education. In that time she was signed to IMTS – Industry Model And Talent Studio’s, at the bold age of eighteen.

There is where she started with modeling as well as got to be an extra in Spider Man 3 the movie. During this time she was finishing up on her manuscript for her children’s book and of course like always writing her music.Her book went live July 13th 2007 and from that point on she has been promoting in newspapers, magazines, radio, tv, etc.In 2009, Melissa and her father Raymond Pettignano Sr, wrote a song entitled: Gave you One More Chance, which has started to already get radio airplay.Keep a look out for Melissa Pettignano. ¬†GOD BLESS!!

Making Changes