Melissa’s Bio

About Melissa Pettignano (The Author)

Hello. My name is Melissa Pettignano. I am 27 years old. I have been writing since I could write. I love expressing my feelings on paper and letting people read it and feel what I feel. I am a professional music artist as well, and hope to share that with many of you one of these days. I’ve won many awards for singing and writing . I am truly blessed, and I thank God everyday. My family is very big. My household contains my mother, father, brother, one cats and myself. I grew up in Jersey City until  I was seven  and then moved to Secaucus, New Jersey six months later.

I went to Clarendon School until sixth grade when I graduated.  After that, I attended Secaucus Middle School for two years (seventh and eighth grade). After passing eighth grade, I graduated . For the first two years of my high school education, I attended Secaucus High School  ninth and tenth  grade. For the last  remaining two years, I was home schooled.

I decided after tenth grade it was time for me to pursue my music, writing and modeling. I have done everything any young girl my age would want to pursue. I experienced many wonderful things, went to prom, and  learned a lot from my experiences. I didn’t have it easy when I was younger. I didn’t have it hard either, but I’ve been through a lot since then.  My faith has and always will be a part of me and it has truly helped me with a lot. If anything faith is #1 to really bring you to your roots.

One of the biggest losses I have had to deal with was losing my aunt, Arlene T. Babakitis on September 11, 2001.  I’ve shown  my love and support  through writing and music. That day was a day no one will ever forget. I pray for everyone, and my love is with them all. I started writing when I was in fifth grade “Suzanne Lantana” and I’ve been hooked since.

As I stated earlier certain things are real, but sometimes that is what makes a story interesting. It’s fun to figure what’s real and what’s not. This book, a collection of short stories, is something I feel many young girls and even  some boys can relate to. I say this because many pre-teens and teenagers have so much to say and sometimes don’t get the chance to say it. These stories will make many pre-teens and teenagers say,  as they read, “I know what she went through“, “I know of a friend who is going through the same thing” or, “I went to a party just like that,” or  “my school does the same thing. ”  By this,  they can gain some sense of  certain situations and relate or learn from it.

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